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Wedding Salon

Wedding Salon

Our experienced wedding planners will greet you at our fashionable guest house lobby entrance.

We will plan the special day as per your wish.
You can try on dresses at our spacious bridesroom.

Ample consultation time in a comfortable setting with special offers.



Storyboard mapping to visualize the story of the bride and groom to be, in preparation for the wedding.



How can I conduct a tour of the wedding hall?
We will accommodate tours on a first-come first-served basis. Place your reservations via contact form or by telephone.
Can I visit on a weekday?
Visits are available except on our closing day of Tuesday. Feel free to contact us.
Is food tasting possible?
We offer a Food Tasting Fair plan in addition to a specially priced full course tasting plan.

About the Venue

Is there a dressing room for the families of the newlyweds?
Rooms are available for both parties, where they can relax until the event.
How is the dressing room for the bride and groom like?
The room is designated for exclusive use, and logistically situated for minimal movement between the chapel and banquet.
Are dress or hair options available for guests?
Yes, it is available by reservation in advance.
Are wheelchairs available?
We provide exclusive dressing rooms for guests in need. Please inquire ahead of time.
Is there a cloak service?
Yes, cloak service is available for clothing and baggage, as well as taxi services.
Can we invite children guests?
We provide nursing and changing rooms, as well as baby and child seats.


What kind of food can we expect?
Selection between French cuisine or Japanese and French cuisine. We accommodate to children's meals and allergy needs.
Are chopsticks available for the elderly?
Chopsticks are available for all guests and entrees.
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