stella dell'angelo

stella dell'angelo


The embodiment and
recognition of delicacy.

Offering the most exquisite dishes based
on experience and commitment.
The food and thorough hospitality
will decorate your party.
Look forward to the most special day
in your life with an immaculate setting.

Our mission statement is the placing of cuisine as a the element for happiness.

The cuisine as a gift from the bride and groom.
An acknowledgement of gratitude
to the guests in attendance,
where the dishes serve as something
pleasant to the eye, taste, and soul.
All ingredients are selected by the head chef and
prepared in the most refined presentation and taste.

Restaurant wedding

Private wedding style event at the restaurant
for 1 couple per day up to 30 persons.


A private setting based on
Japanese modern cuisine a la luxurious
traditional restaurant.


Rice-based dish exemplifying
the sensitive Japanese art style.

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